Born on 20th August, 1996 in Lakhisarai, Bihar. Amit kumar is a missionary of his experiences, gained by living in varied environments throughout his life. He has been a resident of villages and has connected to the beauty of simplicity, of small cities, experiencing a calm and controlled, peaceful urban environment near the coal mines, Dhanbad, experienced the greed and the value of power and money, and is now trying to understand how one lives in a megacity like Delhi, experiencing open-mindedness and a fusion of Indian & Western Culture, while learning how the fast life changes your views.

Presently persuing B.Tech in Engineering Physics at IIT Delhi


The beginning of his poetic career  was nothing short of a blind aim. It takes great deal of pluckiness to drop the First engineering  college and pursue for IIT Delhi & the passion of Social Life, Hindi Literature & Politics motivated him a lot. He did all this to dedicate himself entirely to Poetry and rest is history. It has been more than few years as a poet and his charm is only increasing with each passing second.

Previous Life


Amit kumar was admitted to NIT Rourkela, one of the most acclaimed institutions in the Country. There, as a part of his cultural experiences, he started doing small non-profitable shows like Mushairas and Qawwalis within the College. However he left NIT after just one semester with his eyes set at the premier most engineering Institute of nation, IIT Delhi.

But as the saying goes ‘Ther is no victory without sacrifices’ ,he made new friends and after gaining comfort in the Capital’s lap, He started trying to expand the influence of his Poetry beyond NIT and his Social Circle. His ambitions remain high and his spirit follows.

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